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Upcoming Classes - Adult

Cucina Povera - Regional Italian Calabrian Cooking: Thursday March 23, 6.00pm

Ottolenghi Inspired: Saturday March 25, 10.30am

Korean Banquet: Tuesday March 28, 6.30pm

Pin-Gnocchi-O: Saturday April 1, 12.30pm

KA-BAO! - Bao Making Class: Tuesday April 4, 6.30pm

Mexican - Taqueria Style: Saturday April 15 10.30am - 1.30pm

Japanese - An Introduction to Japanese Cuisine: Sunday, April 1 10.30am

Paella Fiesta: Saturday April 22, 10.30am

Aroi Thai: Tuesday April 25, 6pm - 9pm

South Indian Feast: Tuesday May 9, 6.00pm

Oh My Papa! Asian Cuisine: Tuesday May 23, 6pm.

Oh My Papa! Asian Cuisine: July 11, 6pm

Kids Holiday Classes

High Tea: Wednesday April 12, 10am - 12.30pm 8yrs+

Burgerlicious: Thursday April 13, 10am - 12pm 8yrs+

Cavatelli & Fresh Pesto: Tuesday April 18, 10am - 12pm 8yrs+

Epic Sausage Roll, Special Sauce & Cinnamon Pinwheels: Thursday April 20, 10am - 12pm 8yrs+

Call us instore to book for children 49 261991

Age restrictions will apply

We update our classes weekly.

For more information and to book a cooking class, please visit or phone (02) 4926 1991.