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Food as a gift is an ancient tradition. It extends the hand of friendship and shows respect and generosity.


Food creates a memory; the people we’ve shared it with, the places we’ve travelled, the time and the season.

Whatever you're doing in the

kitchen, we have the goods...

It is an undeniable fact that having the right tool, the best ingredient, and expert advice makes all the difference.

The Hunter’s Pantry is Newcastle and the Hunter Region’s most comprehensively stocked supplier of high- quality food with a well-curated deli, the best cooking equipment, knives, frypans, tableware, napery and so much more.

Find your inspiration and deepen your knowledge in our cooking school, with friendly and professional advice from our dedicated staff. Whether you want to hone a particular skill (knife handling, fish butchery, hand made pasta or making noodles for example), or want to understand a pantry or develop a deeper understanding of a particular cuisine (Middle Eastern anyone?) our classes are sure to tick the box. Come alone, bring a friend or the whole family.


Having the right ingredient is the cornerstone to any recipe. As the Hunter’s leading food retailer, we work with hundreds of suppliers to source the very best ingredients from all over the world so that we can provide our customers with exactly what they need. You can trust that we have done the hard work to source, curate, and gather your ethical products.

Whether you are a professional chef, an advanced home cook, or just a beginner – we are here to guide, supply, and inspire you.


No matter how simple the recipe might be, and how proficient you are as a cook, having the right tools is the key to an enjoyable cooking experience.

A simple set of quality knives makes life a breeze. A set of scales that work, nonstick frypans that stay non-stick, and everyday gadgets that make life easier are some of the simple joys fundamental to taking a chore and making it a pleasure.

We select quality over quantity and live by the motto: buy once – buy well. Every time.


A beautifully set table is something we dream of. While it might not happen every day, but bringing a little joy to each meal is what life is about.

Transform your routine with things you love: a perfect tea cup, a linen napkin, a beautiful bowl for your porridge – it’s the daily rituals that need to be celebrated.

So often we put things away for special occasions, but life is too short and opportunities are sometimes lost. Break out the good stuff. Buy what you love. Mix and mismatch. Blend the old with the new. Find your own style!