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Photography by Salma Sabdia - The Polka Dotter -

Layer Cake Masterclass with The Polka Dotter, Saturday 17th June, 2023.

We are delighted to announce the release a special baking experience unlike any other at The Hunter’s Pantry.

Join Salma Sabdia, the creative talent behind The Polka Dotter, as she graciously guides you through the intricate process of creating your very own layer cake. If you don't know The Polka Dotter - please look at her work and feel inspired.

Over the course of a beautiful but busy five and a half hours, Salma will hold your hand through each step of the recipe, ensuring you prepare, mix, bake, layer, frost, drizzle and decorate your way to completion of your own stunning layer cake.

You will also have the pleasure of receiving a grand gourmet gift box, an individual package containing a carefully curated selection of bespoke ingredients. These unique luxury ingredients will be used to create your own gorgeous Earl Grey Lavender Cake + Honey Salted Caramel masterpiece.

In this masterclass you will learn all the skills to create this beautiful cake from scratch, including:

  • Professionally lining your cake tin with ease
  • Infusing a cake with tea and floral flavours
  • Mixing, baking and assembling a layer cake with care and precision
  • Making and troubleshooting swiss meringue buttercream
  • Frosting a layer cake to create a stunning semi-naked appearance
  • Making the most delicious honey salted caramel
  • Techniques for drizzling and decorating your layer cake

 You will be delighted to take home with you:

  • Your stunning layer cake created in the masterclass, to share with loved ones
  • Your bespoke gourmet gift box from The Hunter’s Pantry valued at $150 RRP 
  • Two new 6” (15cm) professional Mondo cake pans valued at $35 RRP

You will also be treated to morning tea, lunch and celebratory bubbles to finish!

Numbers are strictly limited! Come in or call our store 0249261991 or book below to secure your spot.

Photography supplied by Salma Sabdia - The Polka Dotter.